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Yolanda Andrade Proudly Provides Information About ‘Vero’ Castro: No Shame Here

Yolanda Andrade Proudly Provides Information About ‘Vero’ Castro: No Shame Here

Yolanda Andrade, the Mexican actress and presenter, has appeared in public again after suffering from a health problem a few weeks ago. She had to take a break from work after a series of “bleeds” and other symptoms that made her think that she might have had an aneurysm. Now she has made a return to the studios where the show ‘Montse & Joe’ is recorded. In a recent interview, she has been questioned about giving important information to Jorge Carbajal, the host of a digital entertainment show, to share with the public if anything happened to her.

Andrade revealed that she had given Carbajal “very interesting” secrets about people whom she had contact with, and one of them was Veronica Castro. She has handed him recordings without any desire for anything and has shared them with the desire to know the truth. Although Andrade did not disclose the content of the recordings, she stressed that she did not intend to “turn anyone’s head.”

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Yolanda Andrade had previously claimed that she had symbolically married Veronica Castro in Amsterdam in the early 2000s, sparking a lot of controversy. However, Castro denied the news categorically when she appeared on the program ‘Venga la alegría’ and said that she had never been married. Castro claimed that Andrade had told her many years ago that she was getting married, but she did not say with whom.

Castro enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry and is considered a lady who guides others to do the right thing. She explained that she has always tried to help Yolanda Andrade and that she has never been disrespectful to her. Castro questioned why Andrade would say such things, adding that it’s been a lack of respect. In fact, she feels that the least that Andrade can do is to thank her for everything she has done for her. Finally, Castro appeals to Andrade to stop talking about her and pretend that she doesn’t exist.

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