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Yankees’ Clarke Schmidt Shows Promising Improvement in Steady Development

Clarke Schmidt Continues to Improve in Yankees Loss

Clarke Schmidt’s trajectory is looking up as he continues to show improvement with each start. Even on a night when several calls didn’t go his way, the right-hander presented more positives than negatives in the Yankees’ recent loss to the Orioles.

Schmidt allowed only one earned run, struck out four, and walked two over five gritty innings. This performance capped a strong May for Schmidt, who has now allowed two earned runs or fewer in four out of his last five starts.

Umpire Controversy and Resiliency

Schmidt’s start against the Orioles could have lasted longer if it weren’t for home-plate umpire Edwin Moscoso. Schmidt walked Gunnar Henderson to load the bases in the opening inning. However, three pitches that should have been strikes were called as balls, prolonging the inning and adding extra pitches to Schmidt’s arm.

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Despite the umpire controversy, Schmidt resiliency kept him focused on the game. He retired Austin Hays and escaped the inning. “Stuff like that’s going to happen,” said Schmidt. “You have to do a good job of wiping it and moving on.”

Manager Support

Even manager Aaron Boone had Schmidt’s back throughout the game. Boone was ejected by Moscoso for arguing balls and strikes in the third inning. Schmidt thanked Boone for his support, stating, “We’re fighting tooth and nail out there, so to see your manager fighting tooth and nail for you as well, it’s a good feeling.”

Although the Yankees lost the game, Boone praised Schmidt’s performance against a tough Orioles’ lineup. Boone said, “He kept us right there, gave us a chance.”

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Schmidt’s resiliency and ability to remain focused despite umpire controversy and extra pitches play a significant role in his improvement as a starter. With continued support from Boone and the Yankees organization, Schmidt’s trajectory will continue moving in the right direction.

Source: nypost.com

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