Yahir was about to die by drowning by diving at night in the sea

Yahir was about to die by drowning by diving at night in the sea

The singer and presenter Yahir Othón Parra confessed in an interview for the television program “Ventaneando” that he was about to die in the Sea of ​​Cortez after he went diving at night looking for a watch.

Yahir lives in his native Sonora, Mexico, in a quiet town by the sea called San Carlos, belonging to the municipality of Guaymas; One of the activities that the 44-year-old singer-songwriter enjoys the most is diving.

“I went in at night because I was looking for a watch that I dropped,” he said in the interview, and recounted how when he wanted to surface “I ran into a ship, I couldn’t get out, it was a very big ship.”

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Yahír lived a terrifying experience and was about to die drowning in the seaGatty ImagesDesperation

Everything seemed to be under control, but there came a time when despair invaded Yahir: “I couldn’t get out, I was on the docks and I was looking for escape and I couldn’t, I had to stay calm,” he described what he experienced.

He also said that some people were with him, but they never realized what was happening, “not even aware, I never told them anything,” confessed the father of two children, Tristan, 25, and Ian, 7 years old.

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Yahir explains how he got to the place where the ship docked: “It was all dark and the current pulled me to another place, I didn’t know the pier, I had never dived at the pier at night.”

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However, the singer-songwriter managed to find his way out after spending approximately 20 minutes in extreme anguish, trying to get to the surface.

“I went down by myself, I managed to get out when I found a hole, but the desperation was terrible,” he confessed.

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And despite having risked his life in this way, Yahír did not fulfill his objective, he did not find the watch that he had dropped.

But in the end, not everything was tragic: “The next day I had to come to Mexico City to work and a diver stayed there and during the day he did find my watch,” the singer said happily.

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Yahír can now tell his story of survival, as happened to actor Jeremy Renner, who is happy with the new opportunity that life gave him after being on the brink of death at the beginning of the year.


Another famous person who was close to death was Orlando Bloom, who revealed how he was about to lose his life when he fell from a third floor.

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