Xavi announces departure as FC Barcelona coach


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Xavi has announced his departure from Barcelona, starting in June. After a meeting with the Sports Area following a defeat against Villarreal in Montjuïc, he commented that he will leave the culé bench, believing that a change of dynamic is needed. Laporta, the coach stated, understood him and was excited when he transferred it to him. He hasn’t told the locker room yet, but he will do it tomorrow.

In his speech, Xavi announced that he will not continue as a coach after June 30. He stated that the situation deserves a change of course, and he cannot allow this situation as a culé. He made the decision a few days ago and believes it’s time for the club to have a change of dynamic. He mentioned that the players play with too much tension and that it’s best for him to leave, but he will give his best for the club and believes they can still have a great season.

Xavi feels that he is doing the right thing, acting with common sense, and believes that a change of direction is necessary. He mentioned that the decision is irrevocable, even if he wins the Champions League, and that the club will improve with his departure. He also expressed that he hasn’t told the locker room yet, but he will talk to them tomorrow.

He emphasized that he had decided a long time ago and that being a Barça coach is cruel, as they don’t value your work. He mentioned that it’s a terrible waste and that it’s time to act when nothing makes sense. Xavi also remembered that he has been a club man and has prioritized the club above himself, giving everything he has. He expressed that he wants the fans to feel proud and that he will continue to be a culé, even more so.

Looking towards the future, Xavi mentioned that the coaching position makes him spend less time with his family, and he can’t be so selfish. He expressed that he will be home for a while and needs to be with his children.

Regarding the defeat against Villarreal, Xavi expressed that the team is emotionally very bad and that they have deserved the victory. He mentioned that they have come out of worse situations as a club and that it’s a hard blow for the team.

He also addressed the defensive failures and the need for more maturity in competing. Xavi mentioned that the team needs to improve in defending with the ball and making tactical fouls. He emphasized that they have everything in their hands and it’s slipping away from them.

In conclusion, Xavi expressed that he is personally feeling screwed and that it’s a difficult day to digest after the defeat. He mentioned that they were very good in the second half but still lost the game.

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