Wounded Christian Warriors Book Review


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This is such an inspirational/motivational book. You feel the author’s heart and spiritual teaching gift as you read it. He shines through as a dynamic and spirit filled man of God! As children, many of us employed various ways of eating our sandwich cookies. For example, some of us ate them like any other cookie; while others dipped them into a glass of milk. Yet others divided them into three parts to make our cookies last longer. For those who used this last method, do you recall how we would take the cookie apart and eat one side first? Next, we would lick and eat the delicious sweet filling in the middle. Last of all, we would eat the remaining side of the sandwich cookie, savoring every single crumb! We wanted the treat to last forever! Well, I find myself applying my sandwich cookie eating method to devour this informative book. The first treat is to just read it from cover to cover. The second treat is to go back, read it with your Bible at hand. Study and ask God to help you rightly divide the scriptural references the author has provided. Take notes. Ask questions. The third treat is to read it as many times as needed while using additional references and discussions to further open up the Word. Dig ever deeper so that the scriptural truths will be applied in our daily lives and the Word will last forever in our hearts as Christian Warriors. Be sure to purchase a copy of this book as a gift to your friends, foes, family, “frenemies”, co-workers or anyone who would be strengthened and encouraged through reading it. I loved how helpful this book was. It was short but full of Godly wisdom. I definitely recommend this book to anybody going through a trying time in your faith.

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