World’s Top Hacker Leader Busted: 300 Attacks in 90 Countries


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A Venezuelan citizen, leader of the financial apparatus of the ‘Kelvin Security’ hacker group, was arrested in Alicante by the Spanish National Police. The group has carried out over 300 high-level attacks against strategic sectors in more than 90 countries in the last three years. Their main targets are critical infrastructures and government institutions in countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Chile, and Japan.

The group exploits vulnerabilities in strategic entities to obtain access credentials and extract confidential information, which they then sell on the ‘dark web’, a part of the Internet that allows users to hide their identity and location. The arrested person is charged with belonging to a criminal organization, revelation of secrets, computer damage, and money laundering. He is considered the main person responsible for laundering the money obtained by the criminal activities of the hacktivist group, mainly through the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The investigation began two years ago when sophisticated cyber attacks were detected on the computer systems of town councils and government institutions in Spain. Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčinvestigation experts traced the attacks to the ‘Kelvin Security’ group, which accessed clandestine cybercriminal forums through the ‘dark web’ to sell exfiltrated confidential data to people linked to third countries.

The group took advantage of vulnerabilities in web pages, software, and information storage services of institutions and entities belonging to strategic sectors around the world to carry out massive extraction of sensitive information from internal data, clients, workers, and users. The ‘Kelvin Security’ group has profited from the sale of illicitly obtained information, with the most recent attack being on the headquarters of an energy company, where they exfiltrated a database with confidential information of more than 85,000 clients.

The arrested person was made available to the court and was decreed entry into prison. The Spanish National Police continues to investigate the activities of the ‘Kelvin Security’ group to prevent further cyber attacks and protect sensitive information from being exploited for criminal purposes.

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