World Trade Union Leader Luca Visentini Removed from Post Amid Qatargate Scandal

“Qatargate”: Luca Visentini, the world boss of trade unions has been removed from his post

Luca Visentini, the Italian trade unionist who was involved in an investigation for corruption in the European Parliament, has been removed from his position as general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) due to a lack of confidence from the organization’s General Council. The ITUC also announced that an Extraordinary World Congress would be organized as soon as possible to elect a new Secretary General at the head of the institution. The investigation into suspicions of corruption of MEPs involving Qatar and Morocco saw Visentini arrested in December 2022, and three people are currently in pre-trial detention in Belgium as part of the inquiry. Despite assurances from Visentini that he received no undue payments, the ITUC confirmed that his actions had damaged the organization’s reputation and that lessons had been learned for the future.

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