World Needs 37% More Doctors and Teachers, According to Economic Forum

World Economic Forum reveals South Africa needs most workers for social sectors before 2030

The World Economic Forum published a report days before the Davos Forum, highlighting the need to increase the number of workers in social sectors before 2030. South Africa tops the list of countries that need the most employees, according to the report.

The report states that by 2030, the world needs to increase the number of these workers by 37%, bringing it up to 64 million people. It also specifies that 18 million toilets, 12 million caregivers and 9 million primary and secondary school teachers are needed by the end of the decade.

For Brazil, the report estimates the need for 19.2 million workers. The Spanish case requires an increase of 81%, bringing the total workers to 5.3 million. The need is more urgent for South Africa, which needs to multiply the 1.2 million current employees to 6.3 million before 2030.

The report, in addition, warns that 12 million more workers from the green economy —agriculture and fishing sectors, sustainable construction and environmental, civil and chemical engineering— will also be required.

It remains to be seen how the countries in need of these workers will work to achieve their goals before 2030.

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