Woman jailed for drugging and robbing elderly, killing one


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A woman in Almería has been ordered to prison for allegedly committing five robberies of elderly people by posing as a caretaker and giving them sedatives and opioids to make them lose consciousness. One of the victims, aged 90, died after being poisoned.

The Investigative Court number 6 of Almería ordered the woman’s imprisonment after she was detained by the National Police. She is accused of five crimes of robbery with abuse of trust, four crimes of injury, and one of homicide. Additionally, she is also accused of illegal possession of weapons.

According to the investigation, the woman targeted elderly people who lived alone or were in a dependent situation, often with few family members. She would pose as a caretaker or domestic worker and gain their trust by offering her services. Once inside their homes, she allegedly drugged them with benzodiazepines or similar drugs to make them lose consciousness, then stole cash and jewelry from them.

The woman is believed to have stolen more than 15,000 euros and jewelry in the successive robberies. The victims were later found by their relatives in a state of intoxication and had to be hospitalized due to the injuries caused by the ingestion of psychotropic drugs. One victim died after being hospitalized for over three weeks due to poisoning from methadone and benzodiazepines allegedly supplied by the accused.

During a search of the accused’s home, medications similar to those the victims had taken, as well as cash and jewelry, were found. Additionally, a pistol, a magazine, and plenty of ammunition were also discovered.

The woman’s defense lawyer has indicated that the case is still in an early phase and that there is little evidence to attribute the accused to the crimes. He is awaiting new tests and forensic reports to be made within the framework of the investigation led by the Investigative Court number 5 of Almería.

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