Willie Colón Celebrates “Asalto Navideño” Success with Puerto Rico Concert

Concert “Asalto Navideño” marks fifty-second anniversary by Puerto-Rican singer Héctor Lavoe

On January 15, 2023, the Puerto Rican singer, Willie Colón, made a presentation of “Asalto Navideño 52 Aniversario” at the Coca-Cola Music Hall. Colón sang less than twenty songs and highlighted those of Héctor Lavoe, although with a displeasure for the short duration of the show.

He arrived on stage wearing a white suit and dark glasses, starting the concert with “Aires de Navidad”. Accompanied by the sound of the Puerto Rican cuatro player Prodigio Claudio, he then interpreted “Lamento Borincano”, “Soñando con Puerto Rico” and “Idilio”.

With a tribute to Lavoe, he sang several of his most famous songs such as “I know you”, “Calle Luna, Calle Sol” and “Cheche Colé”. After singing “Mi sueño”, he offered another tribute with “Periódico de ayer”, “El Almighty” and “El cantante&#8221″. Wind musicians (saxophone and trombones) accompanied him throughout the show. Among other songs, he performed “El Gran Varón” and “Sin poderte hablar”.

Colón left the public wanting to hear his great hits such as “La murga”, although the concert was shorter than expected.

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