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Will Smith’s attempt at reconciliation with Chris Rock after Oscars incident fails

Will Smith Continues to Struggle with Apologizing to Chris Rock

Reports have emerged that Will Smith made multiple attempts to apologize privately to Chris Rock for his behavior at the 1994 Academy Awards, but has been unsuccessful. According to an anonymous source close to Smith, he has felt regret for many years about what happened at the awards show and has tried to apologize to the best of his ability. He has also turned to his family for support but still feels sorry about the incident.

As the Oscars approach on March 13, the incident between Smith and Rock has resurfaced, with the latter revealing in his Netflix comedy special that the incident still hurts. Although Smith has publicly apologized for his actions, he was banned from attending any events related to the Academy for 10 years.

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Despite this, Smith’s career is still going strong with Bad Boys 4 and other projects in the works. As we await the upcoming Oscars, let’s look back at past scandals that have taken place at various awards shows.

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