Will Smith confirms completion of I Am Legend 2 script


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It’s been about eight months since news of I Am Legend 2, the long-awaited sequel starring Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan, was announced. The latest update on the film came in March of this year. Due to the Hollywood screenwriters and actors strike in May, there were no new updates on the film until now. Will Smith has confirmed his presence in I Am Legend 2 and announced that the film’s script is now ready.

During the Red Sea International Film Festival, Will Smith revealed that he has a call scheduled with Michael B. Jordan to discuss the script for I Am Legend 2. He also hinted that his character may have survived, referencing the alternate ending featured in the I Am Legend DVD. This ending is faithful to the 1954 novel written by Richard Matheson, in which Robert Neville survives. This is why Smith can return for the sequel.

Akiva Goldsman, who wrote the script for the first film, is also returning for the sequel. I Am Legend, starring Smith and directed by Francis Lawrence, was a huge success, grossing $585 million at the global box office. Warner Bros. has decided to move forward with a sequel, which was announced in spring 2022.

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