Will Jake Sully Return in Avatar 3? Changes to the Protagonist Revealed

James Cameron announces the release date of Avatar 3 and sheds light on spin-offs

The smash hit Avatar: The Sense of Water – now the sixth highest grossing film of all time – has given the green light to sequels and its creator James Cameron has revealed crucial information.

In a podcast interview, Cameron expressed plans to “refine” the next installment (Avatar: The Seed Bearer, scheduled for December 20, 2024) by emphasizing what moves the audience. One such plan involves changing the protagonist from Jake Sully’s son Lo’ak to a narrator.

Cameron also announced four spin-off films that will explore different cultures, such as the “Town of Ashes”, with a major role for Neytiri. The fifth installment is set to take place on Earth, with Sully’s fate being left with “cunning ambiguity”.

Avatar 3 is the first of the six-part series that Cameron is hoping to be the biggest set of films ever made. The director believes that the final parts will be the “best” and that the previous ones were only an introduction.

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