Will Avatar 3 Feature a New Protagonist in Place of Jake Sully?

James Cameron Shares Details About Avatar 3 and Beyond

The smash hit Avatar: The Sense of Water (sixth highest grossing film of all time and rising) has given the green light to the sequels and James Cameron has revealed more information on the upcoming series.

In the Soundtracking with Edith Bowman podcast, the director revealed that Avatar 3 will introduce a different protagonist. He said, “I want all the current dust to clear before I assess what people have liked and what elements of the sequel have generated the most response among the public. From there maybe I’ll tweak some things. It won’t be radical, but we’ll try to refine the next one (Avatar: The Seed Bearer, scheduled for December 20, 2024) by emphasizing what moves the audience.”

He then hinted at the possibility of a major plot twist involving Jake Sully’s son, Lo’ak, who is gaining traction among the public. “For me, he’s the narrator now. I’m doing spoilers, but it’s okay. I think even It can be intriguing to know this. It will make you wonder what’s to come,” Cameron said.

Avatar 3 will also introduce a new setting which will feature “fire na’vi” and the “Town of Ashes”. Cameron shared that the narrative in future Avatar films will “try to explore a new setting while following the story of the main characters”.

The director also shed light on Avatar 5, suggesting it will be set on Earth and feature a key role for Neytiri. It remains to be seen how Sully’s fate will unfold as the installment count climbs.

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