Why Is Part of the iPhone 15’s Manufacturing Moving to India?

Apple to produce 25% of new iPhones in India due to delays caused by COVID-19 restrictions

Apple faces the challenge of meeting its deadlines when it comes to launching new products every year, which is why it has decided to produce 25 percent of its new iPhones in India due to delays caused by COVID-19 restrictions in Foxconn factories.

Smartphones are becoming increasingly more popular in India, which has made many tech companies, including Apple, consider the possibility of gaining access to India’s labor market to increase their production capabilities. As reported by BGR, the company has already begun production of its iPhone 15 in view of the current situation of the Asian giant.

In India, Foxconn will continue to supervise the production of devices to maintain its quality standards by requiring its partner to use other of its plants for the assembly of its telephones. Furthermore, with the dispersal of efforts, Apple aims to guarantee the optimal isthmus demanded by those in Cupertino.

Despite such challenges, Apple addresses the need of expanding into the promising market of India is critical, which is why the company has decided to involve 25 percent of its device production in the country.

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