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White French Tip Press on Nails are a trendy and convenient way to achieve salon-quality nails at home. The package includes 24 medium-sized press-on nails, 1 nail file, 24 jelly glue stickers, 1 alcohol cotton, and 1 wooden stick. The durability of the jelly glue stickers may not be as good as liquid glue, but it makes the fake nails reusable. It’s important to use suitable glue according to different scenes for optimal results.

The nails are made of high-quality ABS environmental-friendly acrylic material, ensuring they are non-toxic, odorless, durable, and not easy to fade. This makes them harmless to your body and nails, providing a comfortable and wonderful experience. The easy application process allows you to change your nail style in just 15 minutes, saving time and money compared to salon visits. For longer-lasting wear, it’s recommended to clean your nails before application and avoid water within the first hour of wearing.

These press-on nails make a perfect gift for girlfriends, wives, women, and girls, suitable for parties, proms, holidays, and dates. The manufacturer also offers a service guarantee, encouraging customers to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Customers have shared mixed feedback about the product. Many loved the designs and received numerous compliments, while others encountered issues with the quality and application process. Some users found the nails to be of poor quality, with smudged paint and tabs still attached. Additionally, the adhesive stickers provided were not ideal for some, leading to the need for alternative glue. However, others found the press-ons to be beautiful and of great quality, lasting over two weeks with minimal issues.

Overall, the White French Tip Press on Nails offer a convenient and affordable way to achieve stylish nails at home. While there are some quality and application concerns, the variety of designs and ease of use make them a popular choice for many. It’s important to consider individual preferences and experiences when deciding whether these press-on nails are the right fit.

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