Which two Colombian tourist spots could become World Heritage Sites?


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Two tourist sites in Colombia have been nominated to be declared World Heritage Sites. One of them is located in the Tatacoa desert. Colombia has been recognized for its natural and historical wealth. The Colombian Geological Service (SGC) announced that two tourist sites in the country, known for their paleontological importance, have been nominated to be declared World Heritage Sites. The two places were nominated before the World Heritage Committee and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee of UNESCO due to their scientific relevance in safeguarding key geological and paleontological information to understand the process of evolution of the national territory.

The two places that could become World Heritage Sites are the paleontological site of La Venta, located in the La Tatacoa Desert (Huila), and the paleontological localities of the municipality of Floresta, in Boyacá. This is a significant step for the protection and conservation of the geological and paleontological heritage of Colombia.

The La Venta paleontological site is a rock formation of great scientific relevance due to the diversity of vertebrate fossils it houses. The sequence of rocks has revealed valuable data about past Neotropical ecosystems, including an ancient jungle humid tropical area in which various terrestrial and aquatic organisms lived. The Formation of La Venta has become a focal point of multidisciplinary studies essential to understand the biological and geological evolution of South America.

Floresta stands out for housing paleontological localities of about 396 million years old, related to the ‘Age of Fishes’. The analysis of the fossils found there reveals fascinating details about the ancient marine environments in which these creatures lived and were preserved. These nominations are important for the scientific community and for the preservation of Colombia’s natural heritage.

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