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Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have released their new miniseries, Masters of the Air, on Apple TV+. The series is the final installment in their World War II trilogy, following Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Masters of the Air is based on the book of the same name by historian Donald L. Miller and tells the story of the 100th Bombardment Group, also known as the Bloody Hundredth, as they carried out dangerous attacks on Nazi Germany during the war.

The series has already released its first two episodes and features a star-studded cast including Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Anthony Boyle, and Barry Keoghan. The script was written by John Orioff, with Spielberg and Hanks serving as executive producers. Masters of the Air completes the trilogy by focusing on the Air Force, following Band of Brothers’ focus on the US Infantry and The Pacific’s focus on the Marine Corps.

The series follows the harrowing experiences of the 100th Bombardment Group as they faced frigid conditions, lack of oxygen, and the terror of fighting at 25,000 feet. The trailer for Masters of the Air is available to watch, giving viewers a glimpse of the intense and gripping storytelling that the series promises.

With the release of Masters of the Air, Spielberg and Hanks have completed their exploration of the different war corps in World War II, showcasing the incredible feats achieved by each group. The series promises to provide a compelling and immersive look at the bravery and sacrifices made by the men of the Air Force during the war.

Masters of the Air is a must-watch for fans of historical dramas and war stories, offering a unique and captivating perspective on the events of World War II. The series is now available for streaming on Apple TV+, providing viewers with the opportunity to delve into the gripping narrative of the 100th Bombardment Group and their incredible contributions to the war effort.

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