When will the results of the Edomex social program’s second stage for women’s wellbeing be released?


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To receive the Credit card Internet for bimonthly economic support, Mexican women only need a few documents. After pre-registration, women wonder when they will receive the results of the second stage. If they are approved, they must go to the Welfare modules in their area for registration and document verification. The deposit is made on a card and can be withdrawn at any ATM.

The schedule states that successful women began receiving results between January 22 and 28. Those who registered between January 25 and 28 will receive results through a message or email between January 29 and February 9. If the status is “rejected”, they cannot reapply. This happens when they do not meet the profile or minimum requirements for the support.

The government has not mentioned if there will be new calls or dates for future registrations. It is important to stay updated on the program’s website for any announcements.

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