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WhatsApp users share yellow flowers as a symbol of spring and renewal, here’s why

WhatsApp users have been wondering why the app has been flooded with yellow flowers lately. It turns out that March 21 marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere which comes with the birth of new flowers, particularly yellow ones. This has caused many to share the song “Flores amarillas” from “Floricienta” on TikTok and WhatsApp. While for the northern hemisphere this is just a sign of the start of a new season, in the southern hemisphere it can mean that someone has a love interest in you or wants to declare their feelings. Yellow flowers on WhatsApp can also mean good luck in meeting your professional goals. It’s important to note that the only yellow flower emoji on WhatsApp is the sunflower. WhatsApp is constantly introducing new features and tools, so users can continue exploring and learning new tricks to enhance their messaging experience.

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Elizabeth Taylor
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