WhatsApp to Introduce Photo Quality Preservation Feature

WhatsApp to enable feature for sending high-quality photos

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, is now introducing a feature that will enable users to send high-quality photos without losing detail. The improvement that has been revealed in its Android version will make sending photos easier than ever before.

In the application, users will be able to select the quality of the photo they want to send with the help of a gear that appears next to the crop tool. This ensures that no matter how high quality the photo is, it will not be lost in data compression when sent.

The roll-out date for this feature is yet to be announced, but suffice to say, it is expected to be a pleasant surprise for WhatsApp users around the world.

In the mean time, users can also opt to avoid compression in photos by going to Settings> Storage and Data> Photo download quality and selecting the Always best quality option. This will make sure that posters do not receive photos in lower quality than they expect.

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