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WhatsApp Plus V17.30 now available: Tips on avoiding suspension and permanent ban –

WhatsApp Plus V17.30 is a popular modified version of the messaging app that offers exclusive features such as anti-ban or suspension options. However, some users have still faced account suspension as a result of misusing its features. If you want to avoid suspension of your WhatsApp account, there are a few simple steps you can follow.

Firstly, deactivate all the exclusive functions of WhatsApp Plus by going to Plus settings and then privacy and security. This will disable features such as downloading statuses, saving photos and videos, and uploading states of more than 30 seconds.

Next, go to Universal and turn off all the options, including closing switches for separating groups by individual chats, disappearing Wi-Fi button, and changing the dark theme. If you have downloaded themes or skins, delete them and reset preferences. If you have changed the color of the APK, restore it immediately.

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By disabling all the buttons in WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp will not detect that you are using a mod or APK, and your account will not be suspended. If this trick does not work, download the official version of WhatsApp to avoid losing your conversations.

In conclusion, WhatsApp Plus V17.30 can be used without facing account suspensions, as long as you follow the simple steps of deactivating its exclusive features and turning off all the options for Universal settings. WhatsApp is an application full of secrets, codes, shortcuts, and innovative tools, and there is a lot of information to discover. Keep exploring by visiting articles on WhatsApp notes in .

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