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WhatsApp introduces new features to prevent sharing wrong links in beta version for iOS, according to .

WhatsApp adds a new feature to its messaging service, which will prevent users from mistakenly sending wrong links or URLs. The new tool called “Link Preview” enables users to preview the page before sending the content, ensuring that the correct URL is sent to the recipient. This new feature was added to the Beta version of WhatsApp for iOS users, and with a few simple steps, users can enable it.

To enable the “Link Preview” feature, users need to download the Beta version of WhatsApp for iOS users. Once the Beta version is installed, users need to copy a link and paste it in a personal or group conversation. Before sending the URL, press and hold the text field to see the “Paste” option, and a preview of the linked page will appear above. This way, users can verify that they have copied the right link before sending it.

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To become a Beta tester of WhatsApp on iOS, users can download TestFlight on the App Store and then apply for the position on WhatsApp Beta for iPhone. After accepting the position, WhatsApp beta will be installed on the user’s cell phone shortly.

In conclusion, WhatsApp’s new tool “Link Preview” will not only prevent users from sending wrong links, but it will also improve the user experience by providing a preview of the linked page before being sent. With this new feature, users can confidently send URLs without the fear of sending the wrong link.

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