WhatsApp beta introduces new tool to find groups in common with your contacts on

WhatsApp beta introduces new tool to find groups in common with your contacts on

WhatsApp Beta allows you to find out which groups you have in common with your contacts with just a few taps. This feature is currently only available for Android users and can be accessed by downloading the WhatsApp Beta version. To use this feature, simply open the app, click on the magnifying glass icon, and type in the name of the contact you want to check. The new section “Groups in common” will be enabled, making it easier to see which groups you share with that contact.

To become a Beta Tester, go to the Google Store for Android, search for the WhatsApp application, click on the first app that appears, and scroll down to the option “Become a beta tester”. If you do not see it, access this link to go directly. Click on the “Become a verifier” section, and you will have access to the Beta version of WhatsApp.

Additionally, WhatsApp offers other features to enhance your privacy. You can hide your last online activity, set your profile photo to be visible only to select people, and even leave your name and bio empty. With these features, you can control who sees your activity and maintain your privacy.

WhatsApp continues to offer new tools and features to improve the user experience. By exploring the app’s settings and features, you can further customize your use of the platform to suit your needs.

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