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What will the weather be like over Memorial Day weekend? Our meteorologist explains it

What will the weather be like over Memorial Day weekend?  Our meteorologist explains it

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Experts forecast up to nine hurricanes next season, but less active01:22

This is the forecast for the hurricane season 202301:37

In video: This is how the most powerful typhoon to approach the island in some 60 years hits Guam02:54

Hurricane season hasn’t started yet and a disturbance will affect Memorial Day weekend02:39

They forecast a summer with extremely hot temperatures for the US02:23

The Earth may reach its threshold temperature in the next three years. This would be the impact02:46

What is the ‘pneumonia front’ affecting the weather in the Great Lakes and the Northeast US01:56

Why have there been more tornadoes than usual this year? The climate emergency is to blame02:37

Storms, risk of flooding and extreme heat will mark the weekend of Mother’s Day02:35

Tornadoes, rain and hail cause heavy damage in Oklahoma00:22

Bad weather threatens Mother’s Day festivities in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma02:25

Texas goes from drought to deluge. There are 11 million people under flood watch02:25

Rains and bad weather threaten flooding in southeast Texas02:03

Week of storms and intense rain activity brings risk of severe flooding to Texas02:23

Seven million people are at risk of severe weather in the South of the country01:55

Texas and Oklahoma will again be hit by severe weather. Also California but less intense02:09

Powerful dust storm kills, injures dozens on Illinois highway02:40

Millions of people on alert for tornadoes, rains and heat in the US01:26

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Bessie Schrimsher
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