What will happen to Kanye West’s abandoned $57M Malibu mansion after his construction company shuts down?


Kanye West’s Malibu Mansion Could Be Left to Rot

Kanye West’s $57.25 million Malibu beachfront mansion may be left to rot after his construction company, Yeezy Construction Inc., was dissolved in November 2021. The rapper and entrepreneur reportedly faced financial trouble after Adidas dropped his Yeezy brand in October due to anti-Semitic remarks. As a result, Kanye abandoned the Japanese-inspired property, which he purchased in September 2021, leaving it gutted mid-renovation.

New Photographs Reveal a Mess at the Property

Exclusive new photographs reveal the property’s current state, with only the concrete shell and rusting balconies remaining. Utility pipes have been abandoned underneath the property and on the beach. When Kanye purchased the property, it was partially fitted out with windows and only needed internal renovations and painting.

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Yeezy Construction Inc. Closed Down

Kanye closed down Yeezy Construction Inc. and canceled contractors working on the Malibu property, leaving it in disrepair. The property was meant to be “part house, part sculpture,” with only a few Tadao Ando designs seen across America.

Focus on New Yeezy HQ

Kanye is now focused on leasing a 7,400-square-foot showroom on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, which an insider reveals is more of a “Yeezy HQ” than a store. Ye has been giving away sample pieces of his latest collection and hosting parties at the venue.

Legal Troubles

Kanye faces numerous lawsuits from disgruntled former employees and fellow artists claiming he’s stolen their riffs. He has been sued 94 times personally, and previous Yeezy lawsuits have gone to litigation 952 times in the US. The biggest problem is a suit brought by The Gap, which is suing him for $2 million in the wake of their failed partnership.

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Kanye is also facing lawsuits from former teachers at his LA Christian School, Donda Academy, alleging labor violations and unusual school rules. The case is still going through the courts.


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