What to expect at Pope Francis’ canonization of Mama Antula?


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Mama Antula, also known as María Antonia de San José de Paz y Figueroa, has been officially canonized as the first Argentine saint in a special ceremony held in the Vatican and presided over by Pope Francis. This historic event was attended by hundreds of Argentine pilgrims, as well as relatives of Mama Antula and the President of Argentina, Javier Milei.

The celebration took place in St. Peter’s Basilica, marking the first time in the eleven years of Pope Francis’ pontificate that a canonization occurred within the Basilica rather than in St. Peter’s Square. The ceremony began with liturgical songs by the choir, and the official portrait of Mama Antula was displayed in front of the central altar of the Basilica.

The image used in the canonization mass is a representation of a painting by José de Salas, created after the death of Mama Antula in 1799. She never allowed her portrait to be photographed during her lifetime. Italian Cardinal Marcello Semeraro presented the official Vatican biography of the new saint, and Pope Francis declared her a saint, inscribing her in the Catalog of Saints.

The canonization was confirmed after the Pope declared her a saint and inscribed her in the Catalog of Saints. The ceremony was attended by several Argentine bishops and cardinals, including the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, the Bishop of Quilmes, and the Archbishop of Córdoba.

To reach the canonization, the Catholic Church verified two miracles performed through the intercession of Mama Antula. The first miracle involved the healing of a nun from a potentially fatal disease, and the second miracle was the complete reversal of a man’s vegetative state after suffering a stroke.

Mama Antula, a Jesuit laywoman who traveled 4,000 kilometers barefoot in the 18th century to spread the teachings of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, will be remembered as the first Argentine woman to be declared a saint. Her canonization is a significant event in the history of Argentina and the Catholic Church.

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