What led to the arrest of Fuerza Regida’s vocalist Jesús Ortiz Paz? | VIDEO


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Jesús Ortiz Paz, the vocalist of Fuerza Regida, was arrested in Mexicali, Baja California on February 3. The news of his arrest was reported in the early hours of February 5 by local media in Mexicali and California, USA. According to preliminary reports, Ortiz Paz and three other people were detained by the National Guard during a random inspection, where marijuana was found on them.

The singer and his companions, identified as Édgar Eduardo Díaz, Ángel Eduardo Gutiérrez Lara, and José Francisco López Trasviña, were traveling from Calexico, a town where cannabis is regulated for personal use. Jacqueline Martínez, an influencer based in California, was one of the first people to report the arrest, stating that Ortiz Paz had been taken to the facilities of the subdelegation of the Attorney General’s Office in Mexicali.

Sources within the FGR confirmed that Ortiz Paz and his companions were detained at the Garita Centro Customs after their car was randomly searched, and marijuana cigarettes were seized by the National Guard. Although the arrest was reported on Monday, it actually occurred in the early hours of Sunday, February 4. Ortiz Paz was later transferred to the FGR subdelegation, where his legal situation has not been reported.

Following the news of the arrest, Fuerza Regida has not issued a statement about their vocalist’s arrest. Instead, they shared a photograph of their most recent show in the United States. Ortiz Paz’s social networks remain inactive, contributing to the topic remaining one of the main trends on social media.

This incident is not the first in Ortiz Paz’s career. In July 2023, he was arrested by police in Los Angeles for disturbing public order in possession of a firearm. He was booked and later released. During an interview for a podcast, Ortiz Paz confirmed having used assault rifles during some performances, as documented by viral videos on TikTok.

After the report of Ortiz Paz’s arrest, Fuerza Regida shared a story about the group, which was interpreted as a message to dismiss the arrest of their vocalist. The group has not issued any official statement regarding the arrest.

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