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What is happening with Mercadona anti-aging creams?

Mercadona has become the supermarket Trusted not only by those looking for the best food products, but also by the store where you can find great cosmetics at really cheap prices. Specifically, his anti-aging creams they are almost always sold out, but what is the reason for it? Do they really promise what they deliver?

What is happening with Mercadona anti-aging creams?

A very good value for money seems to be the key to all Mercadona cosmetics. and also, of its skin care creams, among which the anti-aging creamswhich, like the rest of the range, belongs to the already famous white brand Deliplus.

But they are also safe creamsthat is to say, that all of them are approved by the Spanish and European Agency for Medicines and Health Products, as is the case with the rest of the cosmetic and pharmacy products for sale in Spain, given that if this is not the case, they will not be they could sell.

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Thus, are creams to combat the signs of aging, which do not contain toxic ingredientsand whose percentages for each acid or substances that make up their corresponding formulas are always adequate.

Creams in which it is easy to see the “dermatologically tested” since said notice has to do with the fact that tolerance tests have been carried out, which we should never confuse with efficacy tests.

Creams that experts recommend

However, it seems that in the case of Mercadona anti-aging creams we can find quality, even if they are not creams that, like other pharmacy ones, have gone through laboratory tests or have been conceived based on a researched formula. They are creams that somehow, are made from studies already carried out and of which it is known that certain ingredients combined, can give good results.

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Mercadona anti-aging creams

This is how products can be launched to combat the signs of aging effectively, although never with the same depth as a cream created specifically from a specific study. Anyway even the experts recommend them for what we can buy them and test their effectiveness, given that some are in fact products that have gone viral precisely because they have the recommendation of dermatologists behind them.

It is the case of anti-aging cream from the Regen Skin line that Dr. Leire Barrutia has analyzed from her YouTube channel (finally giving it a grade of 6 out of 10), who has also spoken (from her TikTok channel) about the effective formula that the Mercadona ampoules with hydroxy acids .

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