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Chenoa recently talked about her past relationship with Álex González, which began almost two decades ago in 2005. Despite their breakup, they have maintained a good friendship. Chenoa mentioned on the radio program ‘Take it less seriously’ that her relationship with Álex was affected by the Goya Awards. She recalled an incident at the 2005 gala where the press only wanted to take photos of her, even though Álex was a nominee. This experience led to her not being invited to the Goya Awards again.

The incident Chenoa referred to was at the 2005 Goya Awards, where Álex González was nominated for best supporting actor for the film ‘Second Assault’. After Chenoa’s comments, Álex González responded at the presentation of ‘Rhudo’, a new restaurant in Madrid that he opened with Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Antoine Griezmann, Marcos Llorente, and chef Paco Roncero. He expressed surprise at Chenoa’s remarks and said that he is surprised that she would talk about it 19 years later.

Álex González also mentioned that Chenoa is usually very discreet, so he was surprised by her comments. He emphasized that there is no need to dwell on the past, especially when it is so far in the past. He hopes that people won’t continue asking him about the same thing in 20 years. He also stated that he doesn’t remember the specific incident Chenoa mentioned, but he has a good memory and has cleared up any doubts 19 years later.

In conclusion, Chenoa and Álex González’s relationship from almost two decades ago has resurfaced in the media due to Chenoa’s recent comments about the impact of the Goya Awards on their relationship. Despite the passage of time, both Chenoa and Álex González have addressed the issue and expressed their surprise at the attention it has received. They both hope to move on from the past and focus on the present and future.

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