Western US Experiencing Unprecedented Rains and Flooding

Deadly Floods Sweep Across Rain Soaked California

On Saturday (01.14.2023), California experienced yet another deluge, following three weeks of intense rainfall that caused at least 19 deaths. Thousands of homes were left without power and an estimated 26,000 were under flood watch.

According to Governor Gavin Newsom, this situation is far from over. He urged residents to exercise caution. In the Salinas region, south of San Francisco, the watercourse broke its course in some places, flooding hundreds of meters of fields. Most residents chose not to evacuate despite warnings from authorities.

Part of the state saw heavy snowfall, with more than one meter expected over the weekend in the Sierra Nevada. This has led to the risk of avalanches, trapping drivers in their vehicles and causing injuries and fatalities.

A new “atmospheric river” is expected to bring extreme precipitation on Monday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS), and Californians have been advised to remain prepared for further events of extreme weather.

In light of the current situation, Governor Newsom encouraged citizens to exercise care, caution and common sense.

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