Wendy Sulca admits being shamed for her clothing on radio: “They said success requires expensive brands”


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Wendy Sulca recently shared a story of humiliation she experienced during an interview with a local radio station. She explained that she was criticized for her clothing and lack of expensive accessories. The Andean pop singer expressed her frustration with the lack of support from national radio stations for her music. She recounted an incident where she felt belittled by the radio programmer, who made disparaging comments about her appearance and style.

During the interview, the radio programmer suggested that in order to succeed in the music industry, she needed to have expensive gadgets, jewelry, and clothing. Wendy was shocked and felt humiliated by the remarks. She expressed her disbelief at the lack of respect and possibly even racism she experienced during the interview. Wendy’s mother was also present during the interview, which made the situation even more uncomfortable for her.

In addition to sharing her experience of humiliation, Wendy also talked about her admiration for Spanish singer Rosalía. She revealed that she contacted Rosalía through social media and was thrilled when the singer responded to her message. Wendy expressed her excitement at the prospect of meeting Rosalía in Madrid, Spain, and listening to her perform live. Although the meeting has not yet taken place, Wendy remains hopeful that it will happen in the future.

Wendy’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by artists in the music industry, particularly in terms of appearance and image. Despite the obstacles she has encountered, Wendy remains determined to pursue her passion for music and connect with other artists who inspire her. Her experience serves as a reminder of the importance of treating others with respect and dignity, regardless of their appearance or background. Wendy’s resilience and positive attitude are a testament to her strength as an artist and a role model for others in the industry.

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