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Wendy Guevara’s confession on getting intimate with Emilio Osorio and her fear of Niurka

Wendy Guevara’s Plans for La Casa de los Famosos México Revealed

Wendy Guevara, one of the members of Las Perdidas, has confirmed that she will be participating in La Casa de los Famosos México. During a meeting with reporters, Wendy answered questions about her intentions during the show including whether she was considering a romantic relationship with Emilio Osorio.

Wendy stated that she wouldn’t become involved with Emilio because he is too young and she is afraid of the reaction from his mother, Niurka. She commented that Niurka is known to break people, and added that she doesn’t want any complications.

However, Wendy made it clear that she is not opposed to intimacy with another participant on the show. She admitted to being very hot-blooded and said that she is always single, even if she is seen with a man. She expressed a desire for God to reward her with some beds and hinted that anything is possible.

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Wendy also revealed that she is planning on wearing a bikini during the show. She joked about needing to prepare herself because the cameras will be watching her every move.

When asked if she had sought advice from Galilea Montijo, a host on Hoy, Wendy stated that she had talked to her but decided not to ask for any advice. She explained that she didn’t want to take advantage of any of the other participants and added that she plans to keep her heart closed during her time on the show.

Overall, Wendy seems to be excited about her upcoming participation in La Casa de los Famosos México. The show is sure to be full of drama, romance, and plenty of surprises.

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