Wegmans Shopper Arrested for Stealing $412.46 through Sneaky Self-Checkout ‘Pass Around’ Trick


Wegmans Shopper Charged with Theft of More Than $400 Worth of Groceries

A Wegmans shopper in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has been charged with theft after allegedly stealing more than $400 worth of groceries. According to cops, 55-year-old Shenitta Harris failed to scan items while at the self-checkout machine.

Details of the Incident

Officers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania said Harris put “high-end” seafood in her shopping cart. The total amount of groceries Harris allegedly put in her cart came to $412.46. Surveillance footage captured Harris pushing her cart to the aisles where baby products are stored. She is accused of putting bags that she had brought with her over the goods.

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Charges against Harris

Cops said Harris went to the self-checkout area but didn’t pay for the goods. She has been charged with theft following the incident on May 11. Police have said that Harris is wanted and anyone with information should call 717-569-6401.

Organized Retail Crime

Organized retail crime is a persistent threat to major supermarkets and retailers across the US. Mark Mathews, the Vice President for Research Development and Industry Analysis at the National Retail Federation, described organized retail crime as a burgeoning threat.

Impact on Retailers

Macy’s CEO, Jeff Gennette warned that organized retail crime is growing in many parts of the US and these are crime levels they haven’t seen before. Brian Cornell, the CEO of Target, alluded to the impact of shrinkage on putting huge pressure on the company’s finances. In an earnings call earlier this month, he warned: “The unfortunate fact is, violent incidents are increasing at our stores and across the entire retail industry. And when products are stolen, simply put, they’re no longer available for guests who depend on them. And left unchecked, theft and organized retail crime degrade the communities we call home.”

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Cost of Shrinkage

Last September, experts at the National Retail Federation revealed that shrinkage cost retailers $94 billion. As retail crime continues to increase, retailers are fighting back with increased security measures and collaboration with law enforcement agencies.


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