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Week 1: Bears vs. Packers – Odds, Spread, Picks & More

Key Takeaways:

– Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season brings an intriguing matchup between the Chicago and Green Bay .
– The Bears are favored by one point, with a tight indicating a close game.
– Betting against the spread is a recommended strategy, as it offers better value than the moneyline.
– The Bears have made improvements to their offensive and have a more athletic in Justin Fields.
– The Packers have a young and unpolished roster and are led by Jordan Love in his first season as a starter.
– The Bears have the advantage in this matchup and are predicted to win both against the spread and on the moneyline.
– The over/under for the game is projected to be a close call, but the recommendation is to stay away from betting on the total.
– A recommended prop is taking the over on Justin Fields’ passing yards, as the Bears have focused on his development as a passer.

Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season is finally here, and one of the featured matchups is between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. This NFC North tilt is expected to be a close game, with the Bears favored by just one point.

The Bears made significant changes in the offseason, improving their offensive line, bringing in additional playmakers, and strengthening their defense. On the other hand, the Packers are in a phase after parting ways with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The key factor in this matchup is the performance of the quarterbacks. Justin Fields has shown promise as a dual- quarterback and has a better supporting cast compared to Jordan Love of the Packers.

Betting against the spread is recommended, as it offers better value than the moneyline. The Bears’ -1 spread is favored due to their home-field advantage and stronger offensive .

Taking the over/under for the game is a tough call. While both quarterbacks have the potential to put up big numbers, there is also the possibility of mistakes and a lower-scoring game. It is best to avoid betting on the total for this matchup.

One prop bet to consider is taking the over on Justin Fields’ passing yards. The Bears have prioritized his development as a passer and have implemented strategies to maximize his potential. This could result in Fields surpassing 179.5 passing yards in the game.

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