Wednesday Norway to Grant Asylum to Alleged Defector of the Wagner Group

Russian Former Mercenary Flees To Norway, Seeks Asylum

Andrei Medvedev, a 26-year-old former mercenary of the Wagner group managed to flee to Norway after crossing the border in the Arctic area and will request political asylum in that country, declared his Norwegian lawyer Brynjulf ​​Risnes on Monday.

In an interview with NGO Gulagu, Medvedev stated that his contract with the Wagner group was extended against his will and he was being threatened by his employers: Prigozhin and his gang, the Federal Security Service (FSB).

He added that he crossed an icy river separating Russia from Norway with a Russian patrol chasing him, running two kilometres on the ice after hearing two gunshots and dog barking.

Medvedev spoke to Norwegian citizens and explained to them he had crossed the border irregularly. He was arrested after that.

The lawyer Brynjulf ​​Risnes stated that his client made the decision not to renew his contract with the Wagner group after he found out something “completely different from what he expected”.

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