Waze Now Compatible with Android Auto Interface Update

**Waze Update Now Compatible With Android Auto’s Coolwalk**
Google has yet to release the much-anticipated Coolwalk update for Android Auto but there is an application that is now compatible with the new interface: Waze. Following the release of the Flexible Distribution of Panels for Android Auto, users encountered problems trying to run the navigation app. The update, however, makes it work without any glitches and the application fits perfectly into the designated panel.

Google is yet to release Coolwalk for the users which has been in development for months, as announced in Google I/O 2022. Until then, Waze is being updated to allow users to get around and reach their destinations with the help of Android Auto.

The flexible distribution of panels allows users to get creative in the way they distribute their panels and makes the navigation app much easier to use. Now, with Waze’s update, users can enjoy all the benefits of the new Android Auto, allowing them to plan their trips with accuracy and get the best routes.

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