Watch Exclusive Clip of Horror Film ‘The Communion Girl’ at the Arcade

Uncovering Terror in an Eighties Arcade: Exclusive Clip of The Communion Girl

An exclusive clip of the upcoming horror film “The Communion Girl” by director Víctor García reveals a dark arcade room that begins to light up when the machines begin to behave erratically. The clip shows a character armed with a baseball bat and about to face an invisible threat.

The movie follows two girls, Sara and Rebé, who go out to enjoy a night out in mid-1987 and take a hitchhike home. When the driver makes threatening jokes, something cuts them off on the road and they find a devilish communion doll in the middle of the forest. From then on, terror and nightmare attend their every move.

Starring Carla Compra, Marc Soler, Aina Quiñones and Carla Oviedo and written by Guillem Clua, the film is based on an original idea by director Víctor García and Beto Marini.

“The Communion Girl” is set to release on February 10, 2023 only in movie theaters, distributed by Warner Bros. Picture.

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