Warhaven shuts down 6 months post early access launch


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Nexon’s medieval fantasy fighting game, Warhaven, will be shutting down on April 5, 2024, just six months after its launch on Steam in Early Access. The closure was announced on Warhaven’s Steam page, but Nexon did not provide a specific reason for the decision.

Warhaven was marketed as a “brutal and visceral medieval fantasy combat experience” where teams of 16 players would engage in battles using swords, arrows, and magic. However, the game struggled to gain traction, receiving lackluster reviews and failing to attract a large player base.

Nexon expressed gratitude for the support and love shown by the community throughout Warhaven’s development, acknowledging the effort that went into creating a game that could be enjoyed for a long time. Despite their best efforts, the decision to shut down the game was made, disappointing many fans.

Currently, Warhaven has a “mixed” user rating on Steam, with some players citing balance issues, unstable servers, and slow combat as reasons for their dissatisfaction. However, there are also positive reviews praising the game’s smooth performance, visually appealing characters, variety of game modes, and unique mechanics.

Despite the positive aspects, Warhaven’s player base has dwindled significantly since its Early Access launch. The game peaked at 10,456 users initially but has since seen a drastic decline, with a 24-hour peak of just 171 players, according to SteamDB. This decline in player numbers has posed a significant challenge for a game that requires 32 players for a full experience.

In conclusion, Warhaven’s closure marks the end of a short-lived journey for the medieval fantasy brawler. Despite the effort and investment put into the game’s development, it ultimately failed to resonate with a large audience, leading to its untimely demise. While the game had its strengths, including unique gameplay mechanics and visual appeal, it was unable to overcome the challenges of maintaining a sustainable player base. As the gaming community bids farewell to Warhaven, it serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the industry and the difficulties faced by developers in creating successful and enduring gaming experiences.

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