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New Jersey Cheerleaders Finally Get Their Custom Bomber Jackets

A squad of enthusiastic cheerleaders from Montclair, New Jersey couldn’t contain their excitement when they were finally able to get their hands on their custom-made bomber jackets. The Montclair Mounties Cheer Squad had been eagerly waiting for months for the delivery of their jackets and had almost given up hope when they turned to 7 On Your Side’s Nina Pineda for help.

The varsity jackets are a highly coveted symbol of school spirit and come with bragging rights for the Varsity Squad. Customized with the students’ names, the year of graduation, position, and nickname on the collar, the jackets are an expensive investment, costing $350 each.

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Despite paying for them in full last fall, both Saniyah Smith and Nikele Stoute never received their customized gear during the season. The company they purchased them from, EJG Sports, based in Garfield, blamed the manufacturer for the delays and eventually offered to refund the cost of the jackets. However, the cheerleaders wanted their coveted varsity jackets and were struggling to get their hands on them.

After another parent suggested they reach out to 7 On Your Side, the team was finally able to get their gear within 48 hours of contacting EJG through Nina Pineda.

While the Montclair Mounties Cheer Squad is thrilled to finally receive their jackets after months of waiting, EJG Sports has since closed the business, citing health issues from the owner as the reason. Any customers with outstanding orders or deposits have been asked to reach out to the court-appointed assignee in charge of the liquidation to file a claim.

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