Wagensberg (ERC) “panicked to return” from Switzerland for Tsunami cause


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Ruben Wagensberg, a member of the Parliament Bureau and the ERC deputy, has been living in Geneva, Switzerland after being linked to the Democratic Tsunami by a judge at the National Court, Manuel García Castellón. He expressed his fear of returning to Catalonia and seeing how the situation is developing. Wagensberg mentioned that he shouldn’t feel this way because an investigation should have guarantees, but he believes that these guarantees do not exist in his case.

In an interview with Rac1, Wagensberg admitted that he wants to return to Catalonia and resume his work. He expressed his desire to be with his people again. However, he also mentioned that he is panicked about the situation and the lack of guarantees in his investigation.

Wagensberg’s statement reflects his concerns about the ongoing investigation and his desire to return to Catalonia. He feels anxious about the situation and hopes for a resolution that will allow him to go back to his country and continue his work as a deputy. Despite his fears, Wagensberg remains hopeful about the possibility of returning to Catalonia and being with his people once again.

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