Vox calls for Marlaska’s disapproval after civil guards’ deaths: “Unfit as minister”


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Vox has announced that it will register a disapproval of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, in the Congress of Deputies. This comes after two civil guards died in Barbate, Cádiz, after being run over by a drug boat. The party has stated that Marlaska “has amply demonstrated that he is not up to the task of his position.”

In a statement, Vox listed several reasons for their disapproval. These include the Minister’s handling of prison concessions to ETA prisoners, “open door policies” towards illegal immigration, and what they perceive as an “abandonment” of the State Security Forces and Bodies. They also accused Marlaska of “political instrumentalization of institutions,” which they believe makes him unworthy as a minister.

Vox has expressed concern over the loss of lives due to a lack of necessary means to deal with crime. They believe that the material and legal means to address the serious criminal context, particularly with respect to drug trafficking, are inadequate. The party has criticized the Ministry’s “silence and passivity” and Marlaska’s “effort” to continue with what they see as failed policies.

The lack of self-criticism and solidarity with the families of the victims has also been a point of contention for Vox. They have criticized the Ministry of the Interior for “imposing” decorations and attending the funerals of the two deceased civil guards.

In conclusion, Vox’s disapproval of Minister Marlaska is rooted in what they perceive as his inability to effectively address crime and his lack of empathy towards the victims and their families. They believe that Spain cannot afford to lose lives due to inadequate means to deal with crime, and they are taking action to address their concerns in the Congress of Deputies.

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