Volodimir Zelensky visits Robotyne, symbol village of Ukrainian resistance: “Honored to be here”


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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently visited troops in the southern frontline town of Robotyne, which was recaptured from Russian forces last summer. However, the town is now being subjected to intense attacks. The European Union has agreed to an aid package for Ukraine of 54 billion dollars to resist the invasion of Russia. Kiev reconquered Robotyne in the southern region of Zaporizhzhia in August of last year, which was considered a great success of the counteroffensive against the Russian forces. Since then, Robotyne has been relentlessly attacked by Russian troops and is one of the main hot spots on the southern front.

Zelensky said that Ukraine will need 39 billion dollars from the European Union aid package in the next two years. He visited the 65th Mechanized Brigade in the Zaporizhzhia region and talked to the defenders, thanked them, and gave them state awards. He expressed his honor to be there and encouraged the soldiers to continue their difficult and decisive mission of repelling the enemy and protecting Ukraine.

The recapture of Robotyne was hailed as a success of Kiev’s counteroffensive, but Ukraine’s attempt to retake the territory lost to Moscow has slowed since then. The Ukrainian Navy reported that the activities of the Russian Black Sea Fleet have been greatly complicated or even paralyzed since the start of the invasion. Ukrainian drones sank a Russian ship in the Black Sea. Of the original 80 Russian ships deployed at the beginning of the invasion in the Black Sea, about 25 have been destroyed and 15 are under repair.

The Ukrainian Navy also reported that at 8:00 a.m. local time, a single enemy ship was in the Black Sea, along with another ship in the Sea of Azov. Two enemy vessels were in the Mediterranean Sea at that time, one of them a missile carrier loaded with eight Kalibr-type projectiles. The Ukrainian Navy’s repeated attacks against Russian targets in the Black Sea, particularly against the main base of the Moscow Fleet in Sevastopol, have greatly affected the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

In conclusion, the situation in Ukraine remains tense as the country continues to resist the invasion of Russian forces. The aid package from the European Union will be crucial in supporting Ukraine’s efforts to defend its territory and protect its people. The ongoing attacks and counterattacks in the Black Sea highlight the severity of the conflict and the determination of both sides to prevail.

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