Viral TikTok Videos: Doctors Before and After Shifts


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Medical students and doctors have been sharing videos on social media to show the reality of their long and intense workdays. These clips have become so popular that they have started a trend of showing the “before and after” of doctors in their jobs. This trend has sparked a debate about the working conditions of medical professionals.

The videos depict the physical toll of arduous work shifts, known as medical shifts, especially among medical students, also called residents. These shifts can last between 24 and 36 hours, during which doctors must care for patients and carry out academic and healthcare activities with minimal rest.

In the United States, there are regulations that limit the number of hours medical workers can work in a week and the duration of their shifts. However, these regulations may vary depending on the specialty being studied. In Mexico, there are no specific laws regarding the maximum number of hours that residents can work in a hospital.

The videos of doctors before and after their shifts have sparked a discussion on social media about the working conditions of medical professionals. Some internet users have expressed admiration for the dedication of doctors, while others have condemned the exploitation of their labor. Many have raised concerns about the impact of overworked and tired doctors on patient care.

Some doctors have also shared their own experiences of long shifts, with some recalling shifts lasting up to 96 hours. These personal accounts have shed light on the challenges and hardships faced by medical professionals.

The before and after videos of medical shifts have provided a glimpse into the demanding nature of the medical profession and have prompted a reevaluation of the working conditions of doctors. It is important to consider the physical and mental toll that long work shifts can have on medical professionals and to advocate for better working conditions in the healthcare sector.

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