Viña del Mar’s Psychopaths: Last to Receive Death Sentence in Chile


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Jorge Sagredo Pizarro and Carlos Alberto Topp Collins were the last Chileans to be executed. They were sentenced to death for ten murders and three rapes. The execution took place on January 29, 1985 in Quillota, Chile. The firing squad ended the lives of the former police officers, who were known as “the psychopaths of Viña del Mar.” They were responsible for a series of crimes that had kept the population in suspense for three years.

The execution was carried out with precision. The riflemen entered the prison in uniform and sneakers, and the floor was covered with tarps and blankets so that the prisoners would not know the exact moment of the execution. An orange disc was placed in the heart area of the two men so that the shooters would aim there. The weapons used were UZI machine guns loaded with a single bullet, which the 16 members of the platoon had to point at the chest of the prisoners. The doctor officially declared them dead at six in the morning, and their bodies were taken to the Playa Ancha cemetery to be buried.

The series of crimes committed by “the psychopaths of Viña del Mar” began in 1980 with the murder of Professor Enrique Fajardo. The crimes continued with the killing of a doctor and his girlfriend, a businessman and a prostitute, a taxi driver, and several others. The investigation of the crimes was hindered by two parallel teams working separately on the same case, belonging to the OS7 of the Carabineros and the Chilean Investigative Police.

The case was eventually solved when a police corporal who worked in the same department as the criminals began to suspect them. He overheard them talking about the murders with a familiarity that seemed strange to him. This led to their arrest and subsequent execution.

The crimes committed by “the psychopaths of Viña del Mar” had a lasting impact on the community. The execution of Sagredo Pizarro and Topp Collins marked the end of one of the most resonant police cases in the criminal history of Chile. It was the last official execution by death penalty that would be carried out in the country.

The case serves as a reminder of the importance of effective collaboration between law enforcement agencies in solving crimes. The tireless efforts of the investigators and the eventual capture of the criminals brought closure to the community and justice to the victims and their families.

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