Vila Galé to open three new hotels, including one in Huelva


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Vila Galé Hotéis, a Portuguese hotel group, saw a significant increase in revenue in 2023, reaching 275 million euros. This represented a growth of over 20% compared to 2022, largely driven by its businesses in Portugal and Brazil. The company is now expanding its operations to Spain, with plans to open its first hotel in Huelva in April. This marks the beginning of a series of new openings over the next two years, as the largest hotel group in Portugal aims to strengthen its international presence. Spain will join Portugal, Brazil, and Cuba as the countries where Vila Galé operates.

In 2023, Vila Galé achieved its best financial performance to date, with a revenue increase of 16.77% in Portugal and 42.41% in Brazil compared to 2022. The company remains optimistic about the future, with six new projects currently underway. Two of these projects are set to be completed in April of this year, including Vila Galé Figueira da Foz in Portugal and Vila Galé Isla Canela in Spain. Additionally, the Vila Galé Collection Sunset in Cumbuco, Brazil, is expected to open by the end of the year. Looking ahead to 2025, Vila Galé plans to focus on opening new hotels in Portugal and Brazil.

With 42 hotels in Portugal, Brazil, and Cuba, Vila Galé achieved total revenues of 275 million euros in 2023, representing a 20% increase compared to 2022. In Portugal, where the group operates 31 units, revenue reached 158 million euros, a 16.77% increase from the previous year. The company recorded over one million occupied rooms and 2.15 million overnight stays, with Portuguese clients representing 38% of the total. Other significant sources of guests included the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Spain, the United States, and Brazil. Vila Galé’s investment in new hotels in Portugal amounted to 47 million euros in 2023, generating over 150 jobs.

In Brazil, Vila Galé’s ten units generated around 629 million reais (117 million euros) in revenue, showing an increase of more than 42% compared to 2022. The company recorded 680,000 occupied rooms and over 1.6 million overnight stays in Brazil, with the majority of guests coming from Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal.

The highly anticipated opening of Vila Galé Isla Canela in Huelva, Spain, is set to take place in April. This all-inclusive resort with 300 rooms, located on the beachfront, is aimed at families and couples. Spain will be the fourth country where the Portuguese brand will be present, following Portugal, Brazil, and Cuba.

After the Huelva hotel, Vila Galé plans to reopen the Grande Hotel da Figueira in April, now managed by the company. The new Vila Galé Collection Figueira da Foz in Portugal will open after a thorough renovation of its 102 rooms and common areas. The company also plans to open the Vila Galé Collection Sunset Cumbuco in Brazil at the end of 2024, with an estimated investment of 15 million euros.

Looking ahead to 2025, Vila Galé will focus on opening new hotels in Portugal and Brazil. In Ponte de Lima, Portugal, the company will invest 20 million euros to rebuild Paço do Curutelo, a castle from 1126, and launch a hotel, wine tourism, and green wine production project. Additionally, the Vila Galé Casas de Elvas will open in this Portuguese city after the rehabilitation of some historic buildings. In Cachoeira do Campo, Brazil, the Vila Galé Collection Ouro Preto is set to open, representing an investment of over 22 million euros.

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