Video highlights: Derek Rosa case images and Bukele’s Univision criticism


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This week, new videos related to the case of Derek Rosa, the young man accused of murdering his mother, were revealed. These videos show moments before and after the crime. Here are these and other news images that have captured the attention of our audience in recent days.

1. Southern California is in a state of emergency due to rain and strong winds. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in eight counties.

2. Ángel del Villar, owner of the DEL Records record label, faces charges for allegedly having done business with a promoter linked to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel. Court documents reveal that the FBI placed a microphone in his office to spy on him and that the singer Gerardo Ortiz would testify in a possible trial.

3. Bukele criticized Univision’s electoral coverage in a press conference after being re-elected president of El Salvador.

4. New videos of Derek Rosa revealed minutes before the murder of his mother. The videos show moments before and after teenager Derek Rosa allegedly killed his mother Irina García, 39, while she slept a few steps from the crib where his newborn sister lay.

5. New York announces delivery of prepaid cards to migrant families seeking asylum. The city is promoting a pilot program with a financial company to provide 500 migrant families with prepaid debit cards with which they can buy food and baby items.

6. The United States bombed Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for the attacks on its base in Jordan, which left three soldiers dead. President Joe Biden had assured for days that the United States would respond to the attack, for which responsibility was attributed to the ‘Islamic Resistance in Iraq’ group. These are the images after the attack.

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