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Vida Isabelle shows with a photo why she is identical to Raphy Pina

Vida Isabelle shows with a photo why she is identical to Raphy Pina

A few days ago, Vida Isabelle’s 2-year-old party, Natti Natasha’s eldest daughter, took place. The baby grows by leaps and bounds and every day she is more like her dad. She looks below at the fun photo with which the girl showed why she is the spitting image of Raphy Pina.

It was on May 22, 2021 that Natti Natasha became a mother, when her baby was born as a result of her relationship with Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves, who, in addition to her manager, served as a music producer in several of her musical hits. Currently the couple is separated, since Raphy is in prison serving a sentence for illegal possession of weapons.

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Despite the difficult context they are going through, the family of celebrities has the support of their fans, who do not hesitate to send special details to Vida Isabelle, the most recent of which is a photo that can be seen on the official profile of the baby, which was opened a few days after its arrival in the world and has more than 2,000,000 followers.

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In the aforementioned profile, a photo can be seen in which it is verified that Vida Isabelle is undeniably Raphy’s daughter, which he cannot deny, making it clear that it is the Puerto Rican and not Natti Natasha who the famous baby resembles.

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In the image you can see two photos, one in which Natti carries Vida Isabelle in her arms, and another, practically the same, in which the Dominican singer holds her baby in her arms, who instead of showing off her original face wears the Raphy Pina’s face as a photomontage.

“I’m sure my dad didn’t deny me, right, ma?” Says the message “written by Vida Isabelle, who has accumulated almost 120,000 likes for this post so far, as well as countless comments that celebrate the image humor.

Although Vida Isabelle was not responsible for the post, which originally included the caption, “Diantre[s], Pina cannot deny this girl”, it was a hit, which its author, a user named Christian Cobe Hernández, specified through a message, “I never made the post to disrespect, on the contrary, it was for emphasize how much they look alike. Health and blessings for the family”, earning virtual ovations for the loving message.

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