Víctor Janeiro and Beatriz Trapote silent on Jesús Janeiro’s birthday


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Beatriz Trapote and Víctor Janeiro made a special appearance at the Pasarela Flamenca de Jerez on Saturday. Their daughter Brenda was walking the runway for the first time, and it was an emotional day for the whole family. But many people were wondering why they didn’t attend Jesús Janeiro’s 50th birthday. Their absence was noticeable, and finally, they addressed the question in front of the cameras.

Beatriz seemed tense and chose to focus on the fashion show, saying it was not the time to talk about other things. Her husband, Victor, joked about them arriving late and not being seen. But it was clear that they were avoiding the topic of Jesús Janeiro’s birthday.

When asked about how Jesús was feeling after turning 50, Beatriz brushed off the question, saying to call him and ask him directly. This response indicated that their relationship with Jesús was not in a good place.

Víctor was asked about an interview his brother gave in a magazine, and he was much more cautious than his wife. He said the interview was fantastic and encouraged people to read it and understand it well.

It’s clear that there is tension between Beatriz, Víctor, and Jesús. Their absence at the birthday celebration and their evasive responses to questions indicate that there may be some issues within the family. Despite their attempts to avoid the topic, it’s clear that something is amiss. Only time will tell if they will address these issues publicly.

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