Víctor Janeiro and Beatriz Trapote silent on Jesús Janeiro’s birthday


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Beatriz Trapote and Víctor Janeiro made a special appearance at the Pasarela Flamenca de Jerez on Saturday. Their daughter Brenda was walking the runway for the first time, and it was an emotional day for the whole family. However, their absence at Jesús Janeiro’s 50th birthday celebration was noticeable. They had not addressed the question in front of the cameras until now.

When asked about their absence at the birthday celebration, Beatriz responded by saying that she thought it was the time to talk about the catwalk, indicating that she did not want to discuss the issue. Her husband, Victor, joked about them arriving late and not being seen at the event.

It was clear that their absence was a fact, and their relationship with Jesús Janeiro seemed to be strained. When asked about how Jesús was feeling after turning 50, Beatriz avoided the question by suggesting to call him and ask him directly.

When asked about an interview that Jesús had given in a magazine, Víctor was cautious and said that the biography was fantastic and should be read to understand it well.

The tension between Beatriz and Jesús was evident, and it seemed like there was some unresolved issue between them. Despite their reluctance to discuss it, their absence at the birthday celebration spoke volumes about the state of their relationship.

It is clear that there is some tension between Beatriz and Jesús, and their absence at the birthday celebration has raised questions about the state of their relationship. While they have avoided discussing the issue in front of the cameras, their absence speaks volumes about the situation. It remains to be seen whether they will address the issue in the future.

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